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I’m so happy you’re here! Congratulations on taking this step towards a better relationship with your money!

My name is Scott Stillman and I am a Financial Coach and YNAB Certified Budget Coach*

I am passionate about helping my clients create a more positive relationship with their money so they can use it as a tool to build their businesses, live their Greatest Life, and create positive change in the world. I do this through one-on-one / couples coaching and accountability.

My process includes a blend of the practical side of finances (how to track spending or create a debt payoff plan) as well as the deeper emotional side to money. Many people carry a lot of emotions related to money — shame, guilt, fear, pleasure, anxiety — which can hinder them from living their best life.

I believe money should be a tool to help you achieve your biggest, wildest dreams — rather than an obstacle.

I look forward to guiding you along this journey!


*I am a YNAB Certified Budgeting Coach, which means that I have been trained to coach people on using YNAB software and the YNAB budgeting method. I have met select requirements of You Need a Budget LLC in order to receive this certification, which means that I have the ability to competently coach YNAB to others. I am not an employee of YNAB, and all non-YNAB related opinions and recommendations are my own. My views do not reflect the views of YNAB and its employees or its affiliates.

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